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LYSA is a not-for-profit scientific research organisation. To carry out its missions effectively and thus improve prevention, management, and treatment of lymphoma patients, LYSA welcomes your donations.

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By giving to the LYSA Endowment Fund for Research into Lymphoma, you are directly contributing to research programmes that have a chance of leading to real applications in healthcare. Your donation will continue to advance cancer discovery, which leads to more cures.

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Donations can be made offline via cheque (offline payment). Cheques should be made payable to “ Fonds de Dotation LYSA”
and mailed to:

Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud
Fonds de Dotation du LYSA
Service d’Hématologie – Bâtiment 1 F – 3ème étage

Donors will be informed (except anonymous donation) of LYSA’s research activities and the use of donations on an annual basis.

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