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LYSA needs you

LYSA is a not-for-profit scientific research organisation. To carry out its missions effectively and thus improve prevention, management, and treatment of lymphoma patients, LYSA welcomes your donations.

Why donate?

By giving to the LYSA Endowment Fund for Research into Lymphoma, you are directly contributing to research programmes that have a chance of leading to real applications in healthcare. Your donation will continue to advance cancer discovery, which leads to more cures.

Tax deduction

Donations are made under favourable tax conditions and result in the delivery by LYSA of a tax receipt to the donor (in France).

This tax receipt allows a household to obtain a deduction of the income tax of natural persons equal to 66% of the amount of the donation (within a limit of 20% of taxable income).



As regards companies, they can benefit from an income tax deduction or corporation tax deduction of 60% of the amount of money donated, within a limit of 5‰ of turnover.

The collected personal data will only be used for authentication. This information is kept strictly confidential, we do not share it with any third party company or organisation.

To make a donation

In order to help us, donations can be made either:

LYSA – Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud
Service Hématologie – Bâtiment 1F
F-69495 Pierre-Bénite Cedex

Donors will be informed (except anonymous donation) of LYSA’s research activities and the use of donations on an annual basis.

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