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Ironman: World Championships Against Lymphoma with LYSA!

Héloïse Focquenoy, a brillant French triathlete, passionate about sports and competition, helps fight against lymphoma with LYSA

Only two years after running her first triathlons, Héloïse is qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaï, on October 13th 2018.

Full of energy and committed, Héloïse finds her strenght in the fight of her father against lymphoma.

“My father’s lymphoma was diagnosed while I was in primary school.
Since then, he has been fighting against this disease, and has suffered many relapses.
I would like to promote fight against lymphoma during those 2 Championships and wish to give as much financial contribution as possible”

Heloïse’s father is a patient of Pr Franck Morchhauser from Lille, who is President of LYSA Scientific Board.

Heloïse chose to open a funding pot, whose donations will be partly given to LYSA, in order to help research on lymphoma.


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