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How We Work

By virtue of its statutes, LYSA is a not-for-profit association as regulated by the French law of 1901. LYSA is therefore independent of public authorities and hospitals, as well as of healthcare and drug businesses and business leaders.

LYSA’s goal is to bring together professionals specialised in the field of lymphoma in order to promote basic and clinical research, to improve the prevention, care and treatment of patients affected by lymphoma, and to broaden awareness and knowledge about lymphoma.

The members of LYSA are all volunteers, and their work in the association is carried out on a not-for-profit basis.

The scientific data that LYSA generates is intended first and foremost for the international scientific community, and the results of research work are made available in conference presentations or in scientific journals that respect the rules of good professional conduct in research.

In accordance with current regulation, patient confidentiality is maintained throughout the clinical research process.

In the course of its research activity, LYSA may, of course, need to collaborate with public- or private-sector organisations. This in turn may lead to partnership contracts that include funding.

LYSA undertakes to adhere to the charter governing relations between cooperative groups in oncology and the industrial sector. The charter lays out the principles that can be used for forming such a partnership agreement.

icone-pdf-pageCharter governing relations between cooperative groups in oncology and the industrial sector (in French)

LYSA assumes full responsibility for the information developed in this website. We do our utmost to keep it up to date with current events and scientific progress.

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