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Pathology (LYSA-P)

Pathology platform: LYSA-P

plateformes-lysa-pBased in the Henri Mondor (Créteil, France) University Hospital, the pathology platform (LYSA-P) enables expert pathologists to work together for the centralised review of patient tissue samples.

This platform provides the equipment and skills necessary to perform numerous studies:

  • multi-head microscopes
  • microtomes
  • immunohistochemistry staining automates, slides
  • scanners
  • systems to prepare tissue microarrays (TMA)
  • fluorescence in-situ hybridisation techniques
  • and techniques for nucleic acid extraction

It is also connected to the Centre of Biological Resources of the Créteil University Hospital where the frozen samples are stored. plateformes-lysa-p

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