A Cooperative group committed to lymphoma research


LYSARC (The Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation) is an association regulated by the French law of 1901 that is charged with running the clinical, biological and epidemiological studies approved by LYSA’s Scientific Advisory Committee.


LYSARC (www.lysarc.org) has all the resources and expertise for running clinical trials from Phase I (including first-in-human) to Phase III (including the pivotal international registration trials), in France and internationally.

LYSARC currently employs or is funding more than 170 engaged and qualified staff (MDs, PharmDs, PhDs, Engs, MBAs…). It is divided into two main work groups – clinical operations, and biological and histopathological operations. LYSARC has all the specialist jobs needed for autonomous clinical research, and all exclusively focused on lymphoma:

  • Clinical project management teams
  • Clinical research associates (CRAs) in the centers
  • CRA monitors
  • Project management and regulatory affairs department
  • Biometry department
  • Medical affairs, monitoring & site management and pharmacovigilance department

LYSARC also has a biological sample logistics team, and plays its part, through the expertise of its personnel and its material resources, in collaboration with the experts of LYSA, in running the platforms for pathology, imaging, biology and early-phase clinical trials. All these units are aided by financial, legal, information systems, human resources and administrative support functions. A quality assurance department and a scientific advisor are the final elements of the organisation.

LYSARC was accredited in 2007 as a “Data Management Center” (www.e-cancer.fr/recherche/structuration-de-la-recherche/centre-de-traitement-des-donnees) by the French National Institute of Cancer. Together with LYSA, it was recognized in 2012 as a “French Cooperative Intergroup of International Dimension in the Field of Cancer” (www.e-cancer.fr/aap/recherche/gc12) by the same institute

LYSARC also benefits from the support of the “Ligue Contre le Cancer” (www.ligue-cancer.net) through the proofreading of study documents by the patients committees and was for several years one of the clinical research networks supported by the French National Centre for the Management of Trials on Health Industry Products (CeNGEPS).

Doctor Pascal Deschaseaux is the general director of LYSARC, whose head office is located in the Hospices Civils de Lyon university hospital network (Lyon-Sud hospital centre).


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