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Carnot CALYM Institute

Carnot CALYM Institute

CALYM (www.calym.org) is one of the twenty-nine Carnot institutes (www.instituts-carnot.eu/fr/34-instituts-carnot) in France. “Carnot institute” is a highly selective accreditation and funding from the French Ministry of Research granted to public/parapublic research institutes with a long-standing and successful experience of high level research partnering.

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The CALYM Carnot Institute brings together fifteen research teams specializing in lymphoma. This academic consortium, without international equivalent, aims at accelerating innovation and its transfer in the field of lymphoma treatment and diagnosis through a unique R&D offering: from the identification of new biological targets to registration clinical trials.

CALYM aims to develop research partnerships of its members in response to the needs expressed by the socio-economic actors, particularly industry and other research and technology organizations.


CALYM has structured its research and development activities across four pillars:


  • Research andvalidation of newbiological targetsandin vitro and in vivo models of lymphoma
  • Identificationof lymphomas blood and tissuebiomarkers
  • Early monitoring of drug activity (early parmacodynamic markers, circulating DNA, immunomonitoring)
  • Optimization andoperation oftools, processes and platformsin connection withclinical research


This label and the resulting financial resources from the French State should allow players to better unite biological lymphoma collections of its members, to consolidate existing platforms (LYSA-P, LYSA-IM, LYSA-BIO, EARLY) and to develop joint research projects in partnership with the pharma/biotech, imaging and diagnosis sectors involved in lymphoma.


CALYM is, together with Pasteur MS, Curie-Cancer, Voir et Entendre and ICM, a part of the GLOBAL CARE Initiative consortium (www.globalcare-initiative.com) gathering the five human health-centered Carnot Institutes. This consortium is supported by the French government through the ‘Investments for the Future’ program to increase, at an international level, the R&D partnerships of the concerned institutes.


CALYM is also part, with ten other research institutes, of FINDMED (www.findmed.fr).This consortium aims to strengthen the competitiveness of healthcare small and mid-size healthcare companies in France by offering them customized solutions to meet their development needs by facilitating their access to academic R&D platforms.

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