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How we operate

Presentation of LYSA

LYSA is governed by a Steering Committee, elected by all members of the General Assembly, which also appoints its Officers and the President.
Moreover, the Steering Committee nominates a Scientific Advisory Committee that is responsible for elaborating and managing scientific projects. This committee takes advice from the Programmes and Protocols Committees.


LYSA’s scientific activities are funded by contributions, donations, and support of the French National Cancer Institute (INCa). The LYSA subsidy fund for research on lymphoma will soon provide financial support to research on lymphoma, offering advantageous fiscal conditions. Protocols and research programmes are supported by contracts with institutional or industrial partners. The accounts are monitored by chartered accountants and annually subjected to the approval of the General Assembly, after being audited by the statutory auditor.

Modalities of initiation and progress of a trial

  • LYSA projects can be the result of an internal suggestion or emanate from an outside proposal
  • The relevance of the project is assessed by the LYSA Scientific Advisory Committee whereas the feasibility is assessed by LYSARC
  • The decision whether or not to conduct a trial is entrusted to the LYSA Steering Committee
  • Once the project is adopted, the trial takes place via LYSA as described below:


Distribution of centres

The LYSA group is a network of around 130 centres of scientific investigation

Carte des centres 2016


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