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Clinical Trials

One of LYSA’s main roles is to conduct clinical trials in the treatment of lymphomas.

Improving the efficacy and tolerability of treatments is a constant concern in medicine and, in particular, in oncology. New medicines and new treatment methods are regularly being put forward, and it is hoped that they will offer greater efficacy and better tolerability. By studying these new options and by comparing them against each other in clinical studies (or trials), it will then be possible to determine the most suitable treatment for each patient that will be implemented by the medical team. Clinical trials are therefore indispensable for determining the best therapeutic treatments and for developing new medicines.

These clinical trials constitute a large part of all clinical research, which also includes epidemiological studies, cohort observational studies, database studies, and biology and pathophysiology studies on the human being. Clinical research is defined as one element of medical research.

For more information (in French) on clinical trials and clinical research, you can consult the information on the following websites in particular (non-exhaustive list):

LYSA’s clinical trials are usually developed for each specific form of lymphoma (there are different lymphoma subtypes) and for different stages of the disease. The trials are intended for adult patients of all ages and backgrounds who must, however, display certain characteristics that are specific to each trial. They are carried out within the framework of French and European regulation. In France, people must have social security coverage in order to take part in a clinical trial.

Some trials are conducted in all the LYSA centres, in particular in France and Belgium, whereas others, being more complex and requiring access to specialised equipment, are conducted in a limited number of centres only. Others are the subject of international collaborations to ensure that the required number of patients can be recruited.

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