A Cooperative group committed to lymphoma research


Presentation of LYSA

Any clinician involved in treatment or research in the field of lymphoma may ask to join LYSA. When in a single hospital or other healthcare institution, LYSA members are grouped into “teams”. Each of these centres is required to take part in some or all of the trials and studies conducted by LYSA.

The LYSA is governed by a steering committee, elected by all members of the General Assembly, which also appoints its officers and the association’s president. Moreover, the steering committee nominates a scientific advisory committee that is responsible for elaborating and managing scientific projects. This committee takes advice from the programmes and protocols committees.

LYSA’s expertise in clinical research ranges from early phase studies of drug development to leading large international phase III collaborations. This depth is completed by LYSA’s modern network of pathology and imaging plateforms. Thus LYSA amalgamates the research capacity of basic biology, metabolic imaging and biostatistical expertise.

To facilitate its clinical and biological studies, LYSA is supported by a comprehensive operational structure, the Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation (LYSARC), whose subspecialty skills ensure the successful conduct of clinical trials in accordance with the code of Good Clinical Practice.

LYSA–LYSARC has driven the creation of the Carnot CALYM Institute, which was certified by the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education in 2011. Its mission is to foster partnerships between research centres, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. The European Lymphoma Institute (ELI), created in 2010, aims to promote, at a European level, research, education, and training activities focused on lymphoma. Finally LYSA was certified as a “Cooperative Group” by the French National Institute of Cancer (INCa) in November 2012.


LYSA’s scientific activities are funded by contributions, donations, and support of the French National Cancer Institute (INCa). The LYSA subsidy fund for research on lymphoma will soon provide financial support to research on lymphoma, offering advantageous fiscal conditions. Protocols and research programmes are supported by contracts with institutional or industrial partners. The accounts are monitored by chartered accountants and annually subjected to the approval of the general assembly, after being audited by the statutory auditor.

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