A Cooperative group committed to lymphoma research


The French Study Group of the Adult Lymphoma (GELA) has been created in 1984, including French, Belgian, Luxemburg, and Swiss clinicians, pathologists, and biologists in order to optimise the efforts made in basic and clinical research on lymphoma in adults.

Over 10,000 patients have been recruited in the GELA trials since 1984. Its development is especially linked with the first studies highlighting the benefits of the ACVBP (adriamycin-cyclophosphamide-vindesine-bleomycin-prednisone) chemotherapy regimen in aggressive lymphomas.

The French Acute Leukaemia and Blood Diseases West-East Group (GOELAMS) was created in 1992, gathering Western, Eastern, and Parisian haematology centres. It was a clinical research group interested in acute leukaemia and malignant lymphomas.

The role of these two groups is distinguished by their clinical trials and their contribution to the histological and biological knowledge of lymphomas.

In February, 2012, these two groups (GELA and GOELAMS lymphoma) decided to combine their efforts and skills to become an actor of the very first order on the international stage in the field of research on lymphomas for the benefit of the patients.

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