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The Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA) is a cooperative group composed of leading physicians in the field of translational and clinical research on lymphoma.

Organised as a not-for-profit association regulated by the French law of 1901, LYSA brings together all the French and Belgium treatment centres (as well as some Swiss and Portuguese centres) that are involved in treating lymphoma patients and that have the expertise to conduct top-class clinical research.

This expertise is complemented by platforms for anatomical pathology and for imaging as well as by a network of excellence for early clinical trials and studies (Phases I and II in the development of new medicines), combining all the facets of biology specialised in lymphoma, metabolic imaging, and biostatistics. To conduct clinical and biological studies, LYSA is supported by an operational organisation called the Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation (LYSARC), which develops all the resources that are needed for carrying out good clinical trials.

LYSA and LYSARC were certified as an “international cooperative group in clinical cancer research” by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) in November 2012.

The mission of the professionals who have come together in LYSA is to continue conducting, in the tradition of its founders, clinical and translational research of the highest standard. In particular, LYSA wants to continue to develop new treatments and optimise existing ones to increase lymphoma patients’ chances of recovery.

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